Consumer Electronic Show 2015: Part Two

Words by Tim Wong

Continuing our CES coverage with more from the show room floors and some private spaces.


Nvidia was at the show displaying various uses of their products outside of their more commonly know uses for desktop video cards. The Renovo Coupe was on display featuring Nvidia’s Tegra X1 technology in its interior displays. From what I could tell, the Renovo is just an electric powered, tech filled Shelby Daytona replica.



Over at Razer, the company was more focus toward consumer level gaming technologies with several desktop setups with demo games.


Matt and I ended up playing this game in Beta called H1Z1 which is a post apocalyptic zombie game coming to Steam. The game itself was pretty buggy still, but it was kind of fun exploring the world. We were told it was difficult to find functional vehicles in the game, but we found around 5-6 operating vehicles and ending up finding each other in-game. I think the game has a certain appeal, but it lacks actual resources in-game such as food and fuel which are required to sustain life.


Oculus was one of the big things for gaming this year. There were some long lines of people waiting to try out the technology first hand.


Brief stop into AMD’s room, but there wasn’t a whole lot to see. The Zotac Micro PC did catch my eye. It seems they are focusing on creating more portable computer units now and it’s impressive how tiny and simple a computer can be.


Up in Corsair’s private room in the Palazzo, we spent some time looking at Corsair’s various displays from computer cases to keyboards.


Out of box build on display. I really like the Nvidia video cards they use for displays.


Blackmagic camera shown using a solid state drive. I thought of this idea a while back just as DSLR video filming was getting popular because memory cards were pretty limited to space and the big cards were ridiculously expensive while big hard drives with big space was cheap. With the arrival of affordable SSD, this concept has become more feasible.


Corsair’s RGB mechanical keyboards


Matt and I found ourselves playing Quake 3 on one of their demo computers.


The LG booth was massive and a big of a spectacular on its own because it was just in your face when you walk in to the central hall.


The main thing at LG was their latest television technologies such as 4K and 8K, massive curved televisions, and Swarovski crystals.


LG’s Flex was a phone with a slight curve design. It seems like a completely unnecessary feature for a phone though.


Hisense is just another one of the many Chinese companies at the show, but didn’t really have anything all the impressive.


This soda vending machine for home use was amusing because unless people drink as much soda as I do with a demand for organization at the same time, I highly doubt anyone wants to spend the money for something like this and pay for the electric bill for an addition refrigerator.


This projector was kind of interesting to see, but one of the staff freaked out when I took a picture even though there was no signs stating otherwise. It doesn’t make anything to come to a trade show to show off technology, but not allow anyone to share it everywhere else. Guess what? Projectors aren’t new technology. The idea of having this projector that projects a large image to the wall with a short distance seems like a cool idea, but then think about why would you want this.


Being an Intel man myself, we spent some time at Intel playing Farcry 4 next to some pro game streaming to twitch(who care, I know). Aside from the demo only allow you to playing some random driving mission when the game is a first person shooter, it was kind of hard to enjoy the game and focus on the technology at hand without the guy constantly rambling on nonsense trying to get people to be more interactive.


Sony’s party piece was their ridiculously thin 4K television.


Really thin. Like a single panel of glass.



Ending part two of CES here. Thanks for reading.


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